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The symbol of medicine (the serpent) and bowl (the medicinal potion) is exhibited on bowl of hygeia.
  • Pharmacy symbol - bowl of hygeia
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Pharmacy clipart images & symbols ClipArt Icon Images

bowl of hygeia blue button
Pharmacy sign - bowl of hygeia
bowl of hygeia blue white
bowl of hygeia pharmacy symbol
bowl of hygeia red white
pharmacy symbol: bowl of hygeia
bowl of hygeia serpent red button
pharmacist symbol - red bowl of hygeia
bowl of hygeia symbol shield
Bowl of hygeia symbol shield
certified pharmacy technician
Certified pharmacy technician symbol
green pharmacy cross
Green Pharmacy Cross
green pharmacy logo
Green pharmacy logo
pharmacist symbol hygeia
pharmacist symbol hygeia
pharmacy rx symbol
Pharmacy rx symbol clipart
pharmacy symbol
Pharmacy symbol
pharmacy symbol gold gradient
Pharmacy symbol gold gradient
pharmacy symbol pestle blue
Pharmacy symbol pestle blue
pharmacy symbol red
Pharmacy symbol in red
red bowl of hygeia
Pharmacy symbol Hygeia
registered pharmacy technician
Registered pharmacy technician
usps pharmacy stamp
Pharmacy Postal Stamp

pharmacy Pharmacy clipart images & symbols